Make your mark…

Although I make a conscious effort to refrain from talking about our circus of politics lately..Look at what came in the mail! My confirmation to vote! I have no clue why I was so lackadaisical and uninvolved with the state of our country before. Maybe it’s a sign of change or maturity or DOOMSDAY. YIKES!!!! Break out the popcorn and get out there and USE YOUR VOICE! Happy Friday ya’ll!

Peace, Love, & Reckless Optimism 


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Twenty-four hours to explore and off to the Bronx Zoo we went. No matter how long it has been since my last visit, I always enjoy it because it remind me of my childhood. I soaked up as much nostalgia as I could! While the zoo has aged a tad, it still has tons of  charm and the newer exhibits premote animal rights,advocacy, and education which frankly,  I feel is not exposed enough.

Feeding time with the seals!

Off to the Butterfly garden which was impressive with several types of butterflies fluttering about!


  The gorillas and baboons were following their own pace. 

Mom and her baby were snuggling.  


Jungle World is still my favorite of all time!  


Off to the monorail… 30 feet high above The Bronx River


 Wild horses are the rarest in the world 
Siesta time!  

We had a blast roaming around and just for few hours stepping out of routine to get lost at the zoo. I found this sign when we were leaving and will leave you with this thought…

 Peace, Love, &  alittle common sense


Less Blah Blah Blah and more Action…

The last few months have been a whirlwind of celebrations of our wedding, spending time with family, of summer in New York (which I feel should be a three-month holiday), our adventure in Costa Rica,  and settling back home. All have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Like a failed New Years Resolution, I  was not able to blog about my summer ride as I initially thought I would be able to with ease as I felt that I had no time. I had no time during one of the best times of my life?!?!!? How pathetic is that??

And then I realized that this is the purpose of everything we do .WE MUST make time! All of us get the same 24 hours. Since coming back from Costa Rica,  I feel trapped, I’m salivating and itching with the travel bug because I know there are greater things to experience and get lost in OUT THERE. I am so jealous of others who are able to delegate their time so easily and they are so friggin’ happily pursuing instead of pursuing to be happy!!!!! To make time is an age-old epiphany that I certainly will not take credit for and in fact we all talk about and agree to it but then fail miserably. Failing is okay as it is a sign that you have tried. As long as you get back up, try again! So here I am getting back up and trying again. Not only am I trying to make time for blogging which is certainly thought-provoking but to apply this to other areas daily. Let’s see, we make time for work, pay bills, take care of others, and I can go on and on  but what do we do for ourselves?  Out of enjoyment, out of the need for a TOTAL BREAK from the 24 hour work madness, from the psychotic madness of obligation to everything else but ourselves ..So I am going to whisk myself away daily whether it’s back into my yoga practice  or leaving Sunday as a no adult responsibility to life type of  day,  and I encourage you to do the same because in retrospect, this is the time we should be doing it.Here’s to Friday, my second F word.

Peace, Love & Because Why the Hell Not!




Pura Vida!

So as Vinny (my now HUSBAND..finally I can say that) and I have been Jane and Tarzan throughout Costa Rica, it’s been quite a trip. The people, the food, the way of life has been amazing and insightful. I will share more as we get back to the states. Have an amazing day and live passionately!!

Peace, Love, & Tamarindo! 



noun: resilience; plural noun: resiliences
  1. 1.
    the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.
    “nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience”


the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
“the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions”
** acknowledgement to Google for this definition

The past few weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride. My fiancé, brother in law, and six other co workers have lost there job in the Local 1971 Port Chester Fire Dept…YES.. A  MONTH PRIOR TO OUR WEDDING!  While I will not rehash the events leading up to this, I will share with you the shitload of feelings that I have been going through.. angry, sad and wanting to kick someone’s ass to giddy because of fatigue and laughing  uncontrollably with friends who have become my family.The situation itself has introduced me to other people, women, friends, neighbors, coworkers,  who have shown me that in extremely tough times, they are by our matter what or who we are facing .and they have restored some faith in humanity as I was giving up.

First hand, there is no choice but to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. No amount of worrying can change the past few weeks. When life changes in the blink of an eye it forces us to adjust very quickly and without warning. The certainty in all of this insane uncertainty is that it shows me the strength in times of despair .
Until next time…

Peace, Love, &  Resilience



April Showers Bring..

So I will just get right to the point of this …yesterday, my mother threw a beautiful bridal shower for me. With recruited help from my future mother in law, cousin, aunt, and hubby to be (along with others who knew and never led on) I was very surprised to say the least…and at times overwhelmed with the sincerity of the company of women I was with. Now, I must add, my fiancé and I are hosting an intimate wedding and have not bought into some of the formalities that come along with the big day  and I tried to hold onto this motto with the idea of having a shower. I stalled as much as I could with even going to the store to register as I felt that everything I had accumulated within the last ten years of living in my shoebox apartment was all that I needed.  But I was wrong, and listening to my mother (yes, folks I do listen to her) was the best thing I could have  done to experience this part of the joy of getting married.  The most sentimental gift was a flatware set that my fiancé’s grandmother had passed down to him and given to us at the shower. It is  beautiful and so thoughtful that she planned this some time ago as she is no longer with us. image

The day was exactly what I thought I didn’t need, but I DID!!!So to all you wonderful women out there who are a part of my life, THANK YOU!!

Here’s to the strong women. May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.

Peace, Love, & Thanks!