Springtime decided to get back together with us after a long break up and it’s a beautiful weekend in New York! The air is intoxicating,  people are buzzing around like they’ve climbed out of a cave..we can FINALLY see and feel the sun reaching out to us and flirting away. Contrary to the list of things I  needed to complete this weekend, it’s just the type of weekend that convinces me to blow off the “To-Do” list and impulsively jump into the day of shenanigans like a dive into a pool on a humid August day.

The thing about the Northeast is that I’ve come to appreciate the Spring (and dare I say it) Fall months, as Summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye. So with that said, Cheers to the arrival of Spring and may all your adult activities today lead you to believe that Monday will never come.

Peace, Love, & Sun


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