So I will just get right to the point of this …yesterday, my mother threw a beautiful bridal shower for me. With recruited help from my future mother in law, cousin, aunt, and hubby to be (along with others who knew and never led on) I was very surprised to say the least…and at times overwhelmed with the sincerity of the company of women I was with. Now, I must add, my fiancé and I are hosting an intimate wedding and have not bought into some of the formalities that come along with the big day  and I tried to hold onto this motto with the idea of having a shower. I stalled as much as I could with even going to the store to register as I felt that everything I had accumulated within the last ten years of living in my shoebox apartment was all that I needed.  But I was wrong, and listening to my mother (yes, folks I do listen to her) was the best thing I could have  done to experience this part of the joy of getting married.  The most sentimental gift was a flatware set that my fiancé’s grandmother had passed down to him and given to us at the shower. It is  beautiful and so thoughtful that she planned this some time ago as she is no longer with us. image

The day was exactly what I thought I didn’t need, but I DID!!!So to all you wonderful women out there who are a part of my life, THANK YOU!!

Here’s to the strong women. May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.

Peace, Love, & Thanks!


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