The last few months have been a whirlwind of celebrations of our wedding, spending time with family, of summer in New York (which I feel should be a three-month holiday), our adventure in Costa Rica,  and settling back home. All have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Like a failed New Years Resolution, I  was not able to blog about my summer ride as I initially thought I would be able to with ease as I felt that I had no time. I had no time during one of the best times of my life?!?!!? How pathetic is that??

And then I realized that this is the purpose of everything we do .WE MUST make time! All of us get the same 24 hours. Since coming back from Costa Rica,  I feel trapped, I’m salivating and itching with the travel bug because I know there are greater things to experience and get lost in OUT THERE. I am so jealous of others who are able to delegate their time so easily and they are so friggin’ happily pursuing instead of pursuing to be happy!!!!! To make time is an age-old epiphany that I certainly will not take credit for and in fact we all talk about and agree to it but then fail miserably. Failing is okay as it is a sign that you have tried. As long as you get back up, try again! So here I am getting back up and trying again. Not only am I trying to make time for blogging which is certainly thought-provoking but to apply this to other areas daily. Let’s see, we make time for work, pay bills, take care of others, and I can go on and on  but what do we do for ourselves?  Out of enjoyment, out of the need for a TOTAL BREAK from the 24 hour work madness, from the psychotic madness of obligation to everything else but ourselves ..So I am going to whisk myself away daily whether it’s back into my yoga practice  or leaving Sunday as a no adult responsibility to life type of  day,  and I encourage you to do the same because in retrospect, this is the time we should be doing it.Here’s to Friday, my second F word.

Peace, Love & Because Why the Hell Not!




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