Twenty-four hours to explore and off to the Bronx Zoo we went. No matter how long it has been since my last visit, I always enjoy it because it remind me of my childhood. I soaked up as much nostalgia as I could! While the zoo has aged a tad, it still has tons of  charm and the newer exhibits premote animal rights,advocacy, and education which frankly,  I feel is not exposed enough.

Feeding time with the seals!

Off to the Butterfly garden which was impressive with several types of butterflies fluttering about!


  The gorillas and baboons were following their own pace. 

Mom and her baby were snuggling.  


Jungle World is still my favorite of all time!  


Off to the monorail… 30 feet high above The Bronx River


 Wild horses are the rarest in the world 
Siesta time!  

We had a blast roaming around and just for few hours stepping out of routine to get lost at the zoo. I found this sign when we were leaving and will leave you with this thought…

 Peace, Love, &  alittle common sense


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